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Jump to Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins‎: 1 cup pumpkin puree (e.g., Stokely Pure Pumpkin ) 1½ cups oat or barley flour This recipe makes 34 mini muffins.
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-Corn Pudding ( Stokely's ) -All-American Macaroni Salad (Hellmann's) - Pumpkin Bread (Del Monte) -Fudge Cake (Hershey's) -Peanut Brittle (Karo)
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Calories in Stokely's Pumpkin (canned) - Nutrition Facts, and
2 Jun 2010 Less than ideal weather has stunted pumpkin harvesting in Illinois Seneca Foods, which produces the Stokely's and Festal brands and various but its more watery consistency warrants recipe adaptations for bakers
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11 Oct 2009 I tweaked the recipe I found on the can of Stokely's Pumpkin . Here's the recipe I used for yesterday's pies. 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 tsp salt
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Calories in Stokely's Pumpkin (canned) - Nutrition Facts, and. Every Diet Needs a Little Wiggle Room. Recipe search. Turtle Pumpkin Pie Go to
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15 May 2007 I have used 2% milk and even 1% milk in my pumpkin pie, and it is every bit as good, and I follow the recipe on the can of Stokely's pure
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Shop Low Prices on: Festal: Golden Pie Pumpkin , 15 oz : Canned Goods & Soups . Average Tax Refund is . recipe moon festal food in minnesota festal food in agribusiness, libby festal blue boy stokely diamond . seneca foods,
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26 Nov 2008 of you who have already made your pies, but I have a favorite recipe . PUMPKIN PIE ( STOKELY'S BACK-OF-CAN). 1 can (16 oz) pumpkin
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Pumpkin dessert squares. Sarah Bast sent in this recipe in answer to Susan .... Source: Stokely Hospitality. Posted by Mary Constantine on October 2, :: View topic - Share what your favourite
Tags: Pumpkin , pancakes, recipe , Luna, food, life, artisana, macadamia butter .... which cost and arm and leg for a small can, or Stokely's GIANT 32 0z can!
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Now I tend to just use the recipe on the side of the canned Stokely pumpkin but instead of cream I use 1% milk and I adjust the spices.
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9 posts - 8 authors - Last post: 25 Sep Recipe Thread General diet questions. 1/2 cup canned plain pumpkin (i used stokely's which is a mix of squash & pumpkin )
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Pumpkin , whether fresh or canned, is terrific in more than just pies. Try it in pancakes, soups, chili--even lasagna.
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24 Jul 2008 Get healthy alternatives or nutrition facts on Stokely's Pumpkin Create a recipe and track the calories of your family's secret sauce